Thursday, 18 July 2013

5 More Things About Buying a Hot Tub in Ottawa

If you are a hot tub or spa owner in Ottawa, you should know that an energy efficient hot tub will save you money. Purchasing an energy efficient hot tub will save you a considerable amount of money over the lifetime of your hot tub or Spa.
Thickness, dispersion and type of insulation has a significant impact on the amount of energy consumed by your hot tub. Consider when it’s below zero, without proper insulation the heat will seep out through the shell into the surrounding environment. This will cause the heaters to work much harder to maintain the optimum water temperature, drive up your electrical bills and eventually lead to more repairs of burnt pumps. A well-insulated hot tub will prevent heat loss and require less energy to maintain the heat of the water.
Balancing your water refers to the acidity levels and is important because the clarity and effectiveness of the sanitizing agents depends on the acidity (pH) of the water.  Of course, if you buy a Salt Water Spa, then this process becomes simplified. But for non-salt water, this is done by occasionally adding small amounts of acid or base to the water, usually in granular form. Measuring the sanitizer and acid levels is quick and easy, usually with a litmus-style test strip that changes color when dipped in the water.
Some hot tub and spa centres in Ottawa offer tubs with LED lighted jet packages, waterfall features, sunken speaker and media sound system with iPod or MP3 waterproof housing, speakers and subwoofers. It is important to consider that these are the most likely repairs that will need to be made. These design features are very attractive to make a spa seem sexier, but they drive up the price and add complication.  Before you commit to lighted jets, pop up speakers or other extra features consider the cost of repair.
You have invested a lot in your hot tub or are about to invest a lot in a spa, and if you do it right, you can have a clean, efficient tub that will last a decade with minimal upkeep and maintenance. We are Sonshine Hot Tub Service in Ottawa, Ontario and we can help you make the decision that is best for you. Sonshine Hot Tub and Spa Service in Ottawa, 613-858-5562, where we service all makes and models of Hot Tubs plus Spas in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, including Salt Water Spas.