Tuesday, 23 July 2013

5 More Things About Spa Purchase in Ottawa

When doing research into buying a hot tub or spa, insulation is one of the most important features to consider. Heat lost is money burned, and frozen pumps and pipes can be a major expense. There are two main types of insulation used in hot tubs. Urethane foam and styrene foam board.
Urethane foam is common amongst manufacturers. The foam is sprayed into the cabinet of the tub where it expands and fills the entire cabinet. But this is a lazy approach and often the manufacturers envelope the piping and cabling as well. Obviously if you need a repair, driving up the cost of finding problems. It also heats up as it cures which attacks glued joints and can cause the glue to break down and cause leaks. From a service perspective, urethane insulated hot tubs and spas are a nightmare to work on.
We all know that heat rises, which means that your spa or hot tub in the Ottawa winter looses its heat through the top, which makes covers a necessary consideration. Heat retention means saving money on power, repairs and water changes. Thickness is one measurement of covers, but you will also want to understand density. Thickness is a measure of durability, if you consider the weight of snow, kids, pets and other things that may inadvertently end up on top of your spa.
Ozonators wear out. Common ozonators like corona discharge or ultraviolet will last for approximately 9,000 hours of running time. For most of us this means three years of operation, and when they fail all sanitizing power is lost. But do you really need an ozonator? There have been a lot of changes and improvements to Spa and Hot Tub technology and if you have a Salt water Spa, then you don’t need one at all. But if have an ozonator on your current tub, and if has been more than three years since you checked it, then you may want to check it again.
You have invested a lot in your hot tub or are about to invest a lot in a spa, and if you do it right, you can have a clean, efficient tub that will last a decade with minimal upkeep and maintenance. We are Sonshine Hot Tub Service in Ottawa, Ontario and we can help you make the decision that is best for you. Sonshine Hot Tub and Spa Service in Ottawa, 613-858-5562, where we service all makes and models of Hot Tubs plus Spas in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, including Salt Water Spas.